Berlin Art Week 2016


Press release

The fifth Berlin Art Week convinced the audience with powerful exhibitions, political statements, and an unusual range of subjects. On Sunday evening, abc art berlin contemporary and Positions Berlin Art Fair both concluded with a positive response.

Berlin, 18 September 2016. With the end of the art fairs abc art berlin contemporary and Positions Berlin on Sunday, the fifth Berlin Art Week came to a close. Since Thursday, thousands of visitors had made their way to Station Berlin and Postbahnhof to attend the fairs. In addition, since Tuesday numerous exhibition openings had been held at the Berlin institutions, galleries, and project spaces featuring art talks, performances, and special events.

Kulturprojekte Berlin, responsible for Berlin Art Week, supported and funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology, and Research and the Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs, announced in the evening the positive numbers: over 100,000 visitors were underway in the city this year for Berlin Art Week. This confirms the persistent interest in the BAW fall format, shaped by dynamism and change. Each year,
new artistic positions move to the foreground, new locations and partners are introduced to the programme, and private collectors expand the artistic field. With the important Berlin institutions of contemporary art and the art fairs abc and Positions Berlin, Berlin Art Week has fixed partners who prepare each year anew for the week.

In 2016, Berlin Art Week offered a great many new discoveries. At the foreground were not only important artist names, but also a variety of subjects, ranging from science and technology, social processes and political developments, to the advertising worlds that surround us. Whether at established institutions of contemporary art or a project space in a back courtyard, Berlin Art Week invited visitors to discover new themes and trends, to interrogate them and to discuss them. An especially successful feature this year was the extension of the Ninth Berlin Biennale for contemporary art, which ended on Sunday to coincide with Berlin Art Week. Another innovation this year was the extensive programme of artist films at Kino International, which will continue next year as well.

The collaboration of partners for Berlin Art Week, supported and initiated by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research and the Senate Chancellery-Cultural Affairs is something unique all across Germany.

Berlin Art Week 2017 will take place from 12-17 September.

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